Welcome to the official website of the In The Margins project.

In The Margins is an online multimedia project which includes a private Minecraft server. We are also using online connectivity to spread knowledge, information, and resources to and from people marginalized by society.

In The Margins has its origins as a Minecraft server where marginalized gamers could relax and play without having to deal with microaggressions or bigoted harassment from other players. Also as a digital space with which to explore the educational and community-building possibilities of the game, currently the most played game in the world. We started back in 2016, and we’re finally moving into our next stage—a set of websites for education, resources, and community-building across a variety of topics.

There’s not much here right now, but we’ll add more content as time passes. It might take a while. Due to various reasons, we are… marginally active.

The Marginal Fora is a phpBB message board (online forum software), where members can chat and plan and build community without having to be online at the same time. There are various subfora and categories, allowing for a wide range of topics, from planning server builds to unlearning bias. The site is still fairly new and we need members.

Our Free Media Repository will eventually have collections of images, videos, and sounds, available free of charge for personal and commercial use. You can put it on a product label, sample it into your song, make a collage for your kiddos, create a Minecraft resource pack… whatever you want. All media will be under a Creative Commons license.

The Memery is a curated collection of memes and screenshots on various topics related to social justice. Posts will include an image description, a link to the original, and any additional information we think is fitting to the topic. Since this began years ago as a separate project before being migrated into In The Margins, there’s actually some content on the site! The blog was transferred here from elsewhere, so it may be buggy until we’ve had a chance to troubleshoot it.

Written in the Margins will primarily be an educational blog on the topics of oppression and marginalization, with a focus on how systems marginalize people. We also plan to showcase the works of marginalized people on topics other than their marginalization. If you want us to publish your work (under any Creative Commons license of your choice), please contact us.

The Marginal Wiki will be an eclectic wiki containing not just information about the server and public builds, but various tangentially related information. Examples include: how shears are wrought from iron; columnar basalt; the similarities between controlling mob spawns and anti-homeless architecture; the similarity of villagers to various Jewish stereotypes and the importance of the Golem in Judaism; strip mining and factory farming; and the problems with uncritically replicating harmful systems. Unfortunately, the admins have almost no experience working on wikis. This one is going to take some help from players. But that’s one of the many things that the Marginal Fora are for.

Being considered is a Foundational Lessons site. People who are knowledgeable about a topic can work with people who are knowledgeable about writing and intellectual property laws to create simple free public lessons teaching the basic principles, with videos and pictures. The Fora would likely serve as the organizing area for these lessons.

Server Philosophy
—Resources should be easy to acquire for everyone.
—Hoarding is frowned upon; sharing is caring.
—Experimentation and trying new things are heartily recommended.
—Learning and educating can go hand-in-hand with recreation.
—It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

We do not allow ableism, racism, sexism, transantagonism, homophobia, fatphobia, demonization of mental health issues, or other harmful exclusionary views.

If you are interested in joining the server or in otherwise being a part of the In The Margins project or community, please apply to our Facebook group and/or to The Marginal Fora.

Happy Crafting!